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Julia Lynch is currently on leave from the University of Pennsylvania, where she is an assistant professor in the Political Science department. Her research focuses on the politics of the economy and the welfare state. She is particularly interested in the interaction between political economy and demography. Current research includes an investigation of public perceptions of intergenerational fairness in health policy in the US and Europe; and a project evaluating how demographic changes influence what kinds of social policies labor unions prefer.

Curriculum Vitae Download (PDF format), last modified 9/13/04.
Recent Publications

"The Age-Orientation of Social Policy Regimes in OECD Countries," Journal of Social Policy (April 2001)

"Whose 'Gray Power'? Elderly Voters, Elderly Lobbies, and Welfare Reform in Italy and the United States," with Andrea L. Campbell, Italian Politics and Society 53 (Summer 2000)
(This is a revised version from July 2002)

Working Papers

"Italy: A Christian Democratic Welfare State?" Paper prepared for the workshop "The Western Welfare State and Its Religious Roots," Max-Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne (April 2004)

"The Age of Welfare: Patronage, Citizenship, and Generational Justice in Social Policy" (Also available as Harvard Center for European Studies Working Paper #111: http://www.ces.fas.harvard.edu/publications/Lynch.pdf)

"Policy Feedbacks in Retirement? Public Pension Income and Pension Policy Preferences in Europe" presented at The Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University (March 2004)

"Unions and the Seniority 'Threat': The impact of internal organization on unions' pension policy preferences" with Karen Anderson, presented at Fourteenth Annual Conference of Europeanists, Chicago (March 2004)

"Intergenerational Politics and Unemployment Policy in Italy and the Netherlands" presented at the Twelfth Annual Conference of Europeanists, Chicago (March 2000)

Contact Information E-Mail: jlynch@rwj.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-495-5366
Fax: 617-496-1636