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The Executive Committee and some of the broader group of faculty from whom the Scholars might draw for collaboration/advisorship are listed below:

Political Science
James Alt, Professor of Government - political institutions, fiscal policy
Robert Blendon, Professor of Health Policy and Management - public opinion, institutional trust
*Dan Carpenter, Professor of Government - government regulation, media behavior, methodology (on leave 2011 – 2012)
Claudine Gay, Professor of Government and Professor of Africa and African American Studies – American political behavior, public opinion, and race and ethnic politics
Peter Hall, Professor of Government - comparative health systems, institutional analysis, methodology
*Jennifer Hochschild, Professor of Government - political philosophy, race and ethnicity, public opinion
Gary King, Professor of Government, Director of Institute for Quantative Social Science, University Professor - comparative health systems, war, methodology
Jane Mansbridge, Professor of Political Leadership - feminism, trust, collective action, social movements
Theda Skocpol, (on leave 2015 - 2016) Professor of Government and Professor of Sociology – American politics; political sociology; social revolutions; modern welfare states; comparative historical sociology
Robert Putnam, Professor of Public Policy - comparative politics, social capital
Nancy Rosenblum, Professor of Government - political theory, pluralism, religion
Kenneth Shepsle, Professor of Government - pluralism, fiscal policy, political demography
Dennis Thompson, Professor of Government - political philosophy, ethics, political theory

Jason Beckfield, Assistant Professor of Sociology – stratification, health, and social policy in the context of economic and political "globalization"
Lisa Berkman, Professor of Public Policy - social epidemiology, inequality, social support, race and ethnicity
Lawrence D. Bobo, Professor of the Social Sciences, Professor of Sociology and Professor of Africa and African American Studies – social inequality, politics, and race
Nicholas Christakis, Professor of Medical Sociology and Professor of Sociology - terminal and chronic illness, aging, networks, methodology
Kathryn Edin, Professor of Public Policy and Management, Harvard Kennedy School of Government – urban poverty and family life, social welfare, public housing, child support, and nonmarital childbearing
Mary Jo Good, Professor of Social Medicine - comparative health systems, bioethics, gender, globalization
Christopher Jencks, Professor of Public Policy - welfare reform, the distribution of material hardship, family structure, and the noneconomic effects of economic inequality
Ron Kessler, Professor of Health Care Policy - mental health, health transition, help seeking
Michele Lamont, Professor of Sociology, Professor of European Studies, and Professor of Africa and African American Studies – how culture contributes to ethno-racial and class inequality, racism and anti-racism (how discriminated people -including immigrants- respond to exclusion and understand the relationship between themselves and others), the sociology of the social sciences, and the impact of self-identity on health
*Peter Marsden, Professor of Sociology and Harvard College Professor- social organizations, social networks, methodology, sociology of medicine.
Mary Ruggie, Professor of Public Policy - comparative health systems, gender, alternative medicine
Robert J. Sampson, Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology – crime, law, and deviance; neighborhood effects; community/urban; sociology of the city; the life course
*Mary Waters, Professor of Sociology - social demography, race and ethnic relations, social stratification
Bruce Western, Professor of Sociology – political and comparative sociology, stratification and inequality, and methodology
David R. Williams, Professor of Public Health (Harvard School of Public Health) and Professor of African and African American Studies – race/ethnicity; health and society
William Julius Wilson, University Professor – race/ethnic/minority relations; urban sociology; social policy
Chris Winship, Professor of Sociology - family demography, race and ethnicity, education, methodology

Katherine Baicker, Professor of Health Economics, Harvard School of Public Health – distribution, generosity, and effectiveness of public and private health insurance; health insurance finance, and the effect of reforms on the distribution and quality of care
Amitabh Chandra, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government – productivity and expenditure growth in healthcare, the role of medical malpractice litigation on the delivery of health care, and the economics of neonatal health and cardiovascular care
Michael E. Chernew, Professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School – impact of managed care on the health care marketplace, health care cost growth, and the use of medical technology; determinants of patient choice of hospital and the impact of health plan performance measures on employee and employer selection of health plans
David Cutler
, Otto Eckstein Professor of Applied Economics - productivity of health sector, managed care, disability
Richard Freeman, Professor of Economics – growth and decline of unions, effects of immigration and trade on inequality, restructuring European welfare states, Chinese labor markets, poverty and crime, self-organizing non-union in the labor market
Richard Frank
, Professor of Health Economics - mental health, pharmaceutical industry, organizations
David C. Grabowski, Associate Professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School – the economics of aging and health care regulation, with a particular interest in the area of long-term care
Haiden Huskamp, Associate Professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School -- economics of the pharmaceutical industry, the economics of mental health and substance abuse (MH/SA) treatment, and the financing of end-of-life-care services
David Laibson, Harvard College Professor and Professor of Economics – psychology and economics, experimental economics, intertemporal choice
Lawrence Katz, Professor of Economics - labor economics, econometrics, contraception, inequality
Michael Kremer, Gates Professor of Developing Societies - incentives for R&D on drugs and vaccines and on the interactions between socio/epidemiological modeling of infectious disease
Brigitte Madrian, Professor of Public Policy and Corporate Management, Harvard Kennedy School of Government – household saving and investment behavior, the design of employer-sponsored savings plans, pension reform, and the impact of health insurance on the job choice and retirement decisions of employees
*Thomas McGuire, Professor of Health Economics - health care payment systems, mental health, risk adjustment
Ellen R. Meara, Associate Professor Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School – welfare reform and substance abuse, racial and educational disparities in mortality and health over time, and the nature and determinants of medical spending over time
*Joseph Newhouse, Professor of Health Care Policy and Management - risk adjustment, managed care
Ariel Pakes, Professor of Economics - industrial organization, econometrics
Meredith Rosenthal, Associate Professor of Health Economics and Policy, Harvard School of Public Health, the design and impact of market-based health policy reforms, including the use of provider financial incentives and mechanisms to alter consumer behavior and the competitive environment for health care providers
*Katherine Swartz, Professor of Health Policy and Economics - access to insurance, managed care
Richard Zeckhauser, Professor of Political Economy - resource allocation, information limits, health risks

Health Sciences and Other Disciplines
John Ayanian, MD, Professor of Health Care Policy - disparities, cancer, race, gender, physician behavior
Margarita Alegria, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance -- disparities in mental health and substance abuse services, improving access, equality and quality of these services for disadvantaged and minority populations
Susan Dynarski, Assistant Professor of Public Policy - labor economics, econometrics, public finance, inequality
Arnold Epstein, Professor of Health Policy and Management - access to care, quality, race, gender
Steven Gortmaker, Professor of Society, Human Development, and Health - health of children and adolescents, particularly households living in poverty and minority populations
Robert Huckman, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
Arthur Kleinman, Professor of Medical Anthropology - suffering, mental health, comparative health care
Barbara McNeil, MD, Professor of Health Care Policy - quality, financial incentives, guidelines
J. Michael McWilliams, MD, Assistant Professor of Health Care Policy and Medicine, Harvard Medical School – access to care, quality of care, health care costs, and health disparities among aging adults with chronic conditions
Ellen Meara, Assistant Professor of Health Economics - non-medical determinants of health care use and outcomes including: social programs, health behaviors, and socioeconomic status
David G. Stevenson, Assistant Professor of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School – aging, disability, and long-term care

*Members of the Executive Committee

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